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Celebration of a Spiritual Connection

Forty days before a baby is conceived, Hashem has already created their soulmate which is known in Hebrew as their bashert. The wedding day is thus not only a celebration of unconditional love but also a celebration of the spiritual connection between husband and wife. At Navaz Catering, it is our pleasure to help you with your catering needs on the most romantic and spiritual day in your life. After proposing to the love of your life, wedding planning soon follows. We understand that planning a wedding can be very stressful for both the Bride and Groom. We are passionate about helping the future Bride and Groom stay calm throughout the wedding planning process. During our meetings, we are very organized and dedicated in learning about the catering desires for your future wedding. We provide our clients with detailed and customized menu selections such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Sushi, Israeli, Italian, Barbeque, Brazilian and many other stations.

Becoming Loyal Clients

Many of our Brides and Grooms have selected us for their L’chaim, wedding showers, and engagements. After exceeding their expectations with those events, they happily chose Navaz Catering for their Wedding. As a result, they become our loyal clients and continue to choose us for other memorable events that follow their marriage. Hence we develop a very personal and friendly connection with our Brides and Grooms that lasts long after their wedding.

For further inquiries about how we can assist you for your special day, please contact us at:

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